Netflix Provides the "Best Customer Service" Ever in Hilarious Online Exchange—Read It Now!

Reddit user normanhorn had an issue with Parks and Recreation and Netflix fixed it, hilariously

By John Boone Oct 14, 2013 9:56 PMTags
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If you work in an office building, own electronics, pay water, gas or any number of other bills, subscribe to anything, or generally are just a human being, you have probably had to contact customer service.

More often than not, dealing with customer service just results in lots of frustration that isn't worth the hassle in the first place. You're better off just leaving whatever was broken broke.

Until now: Reddit user "normanh" experienced once-in-a-lifetime customer service, courtesy of Netflix (H/T Gawker). Not only was it helpful, but it was hilarious too, turning in to some sort of Star Trek-inspired improv between the two.

For reference, this is the issue that norm references:

"I think he didn't expect me to take him up on the 'invitation' to be silly," normanh explained on Reddit, while another user who claimed to work for Netflix said it was being passed around the office and "tons of people in house thought it was great."

Read the entire exchange below:


More of this please, companies with customer service.

Oh, and feel free to vent about your worst customer service experience in the comments!