Dakota Fanning, Lisa Vanderpump

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It's hard to believe, but Dakota Fanning isn't 21 yet.

The young actress doesn't hit the milestone until February!

"I was just thinking about it," Fanning told me the other day while promoting her new movie, The Last of Robin Hood. "I kind of want to go do karaoke even though I'm terrified to do it. But I think if I'm 21 maybe I can have something to help me."

Or she could celebrate at one of Lisa Vanderpump's restaurants. Fanning admits Bravo's Real Housewives franchise, especially The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is a guilty pleasure.

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Kevin Kline, Dakota Fanning, The Last of Robin Hood

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"I love Lisa," she said. "I met her actually. I had my 16th birthday at her restaurant before the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a thing. I saw this fabulous woman with this cute dog and then it turned out it was Lisa Vanderpump."

The Last of Robin Hood (in theaters tomorrow) chronicles the real-life affair in the 1950s between teen actress Beverly Aadland (Fanning) and the much older Errol Flynn (Kevin Kline). Along for the ride was Beverly's overbearing alcoholic momager Florence (Susan Sarandon).

The gossip columns of the day had a field day with the trio. Florence alleged in her 1961 book The Big Love that Beverly was just 15 years old when she and the 50-year-old Hollywood icon started having a sexual relationship. Flynn, others have speculated, may have been led to believe by Florence that she was already 18.

"I don't make any statements on what's right or wrong in the movie," Fanning said. "I didn't bring any personal morals into it or what I thought, if they were doing the right thing or the wrong thing."

Dakota Fanning, Jamie Strachan

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Fanning said, "It's not my story and I don't really know anyone who that is their story. Mother and daughter relationships are so complicated and they're so nuanced. It's hard to make judgments."

Fanning's real life love has been the target of tabloid attention because her actor-model boyfriend Jamie Strachan boyfriend is 13 years her senior.

"I just try and live the only way I know how," Fanning said. "I just do my thing. My job is to be in films and then I have a really wonderful full personal life and it's personal to me.

"I'm just so weirded out that anybody would want to know about me," she said. "I don't want to know about anybody else's life. I don't know what anybody want to know about mine. You don't know me or anybody who's really in my life so I don't know why it's that interesting."

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