Broken Wedding

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Yeah, we get it. Breaking up is hard. People cry and hug and it's ugly. That does NOT, however, give you the right to fake your own death in order to avoid telling your fiancée, "It's over."

Which, according to one woman, is what happened to her.

In an interview with the U.K. Mirror, 23-year-old Brit Lanchester claims she was planning her upcoming nuptials with her fiancé when she reportedly received a call from her fiancé's father. Her prospective father-in-law, she alleges, informed her that the love of her life was dead and gone, just months before their big day.

But in a twisted turn of events, Lanchester claims she called her fiancé's parents to offer her condolences...only to be informed her betrothed was, indeed, alive and well. Oh, and did we mention his parents apparently had no clue that the pair were engaged? It sounds like it must have been the terrible, terrible icing on the cake for Lanchester.

So, according to Lanchester, her fiancée had allegedly phoned her pretending to be his own father. In a royal d--k move if this is how it actually played out, he had told Lanchester he had been "suffering from depression and had thrown himself in front of a car." Clearly not something to be joked about.

Lanchester and her fiancé met in Connecticut where the British woman had been studying overseas. The pair got engaged last year. (Read: He had an entire year to find a plan other than faking his own death. Literally a whole year to find any plan but this.)

Understandably, Lanchester is straight-up devastated. "All I ever did was love him. After this I'm not sure I can trust a man ever again," she said. Seriously, what did homegirl do to deserve this!? 

Thank goodness, the (we assume) sweet and innocent Lanchester dodged this bullet. Hopefully she'll find love again, just not with anyone who has ever thought about faking his own death. May it never even cross his mind.

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