Dave Franco, Kevin Hart

EA Sports

Dear Peyton and Eli Manning: Your rap video was cute, and we give you an A for effort, but you've been outdone.

Comedian Kevin Hart teamed up with pretty boy Dave Franco in what might be one of the greatest video game commericals there ever was to promote Madden NFL 15: Madden Season (which comes out later this month).

The clip starts out with Hart showing up to Franco's uber-luxurious pad just to give Dave a big smack on the face—ouch! That's when the music starts and we hear, "Madden football season in America is a competitive time, an emotional time, an annual ritual that causes this man to put hands on this pretty face."

And all of a sudden, Kevin Hart is surrounded by a live band and rapping about why he slapped Dave Franco's oh-so-handsome face (apparently, having a girlfriend during Madden football season is a no-no).

In a successful attempt to rile Dave up for the challenge, he keys the actor's car, puts sugar in his tank and taunts him. As if that wasn't enough, Franco's girl ends up leaving him for NBA star Damian Lillard.

Hart continues busting flows, following Franco wherever he goes, and NFL stars (including Colin Kaepernick and Richard Sherman) even make a cameo, rapping jibberish and jumping around like they do in many other rap videos. Then, finally—the Hart and Franco go head-to-head in a game of Madden.

Now, excuse us, we're trying to memorize all the words from this rap promo...

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