It's definitely football season, y'all. How do we know this? No, not the preseason games or the fact that you're sending your mother threatening messages over your fantasy football league. (You'll get here this year. Probably). It's because DirecTV has released yet another future Grammy- and Emmy-award winning rap video featuring Peyton Manning and Eli "Mouth Breather" Manning.

(We say "mouth breather" with the utmost respect and love for him, by the way.)

This one is called "Fantasy Football Fantasy," and it features the quarterback brothers rapping about how DirecTV's Sunday Ticket Fantasy Zone is everything you'd ever want in your fantasy life. And there's unicorns and Joe Namath and Archie Manning, obvs. It's an impressive video, but mostly because we don't understand how two men with such great rhythm on the field could looks so damn awkward.

But that's the point. And we love it. What a time to be a football fan! 

Eli Manning rapping GIF


You keep doing you, Eli. Keep doing you.

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