Ciara Talks Post-Baby Workout Routine and Diet—Watch Now!

Singer reveals how she's shedding the pregnancy pounds

By Lindsey Sirera Aug 15, 2014 12:30 AMTags
Watch: Ciara's Bangin' Post-Baby Body Defies Gravity

Back to the gym she goes!

Barely three months since giving birth, Ciara's plan to shed the baby weight is in full motion. During an exclusive interview with E! News alongside celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, the hit singer got candid about her diet and fitness regimen.  

As for what her toughest balancing act is? "The tricky part is when you're hungry and you're baby's hungry. Try that!" she quipped. "Holding [the baby] and eating at the same time. Momma's on a mission!"

All kidding aside, Ciara revealed that her plan to get back in tip-top shape is all about regularly hitting the gym and eating several small meals throughout the day. And while the 28-year-old complained that dropping pregnancy pounds is much more difficult than losing weight before, her trainer was quick to weigh in.

"You're still defying gravity. Every day you're making Isaac Newton a liar," Gunnar gushed of Ciara's still-trim figure. And he's right—even post-baby, girl looks phenomenal.

For more of Ciara's post-baby fitness and diet tips, watch the video now!