Either we're having a serious case of déjà vu or Rihanna has stepped out in a sheet-and-sneaks combo before. At first we thought, how could that be? Then we remembered that this is the "Can't Remember To Forget You" singer we're talking about. Obviously she's worn this "style" before.

Apparently she can't remember to write down her plans for the night either and has to keep bolting out of the bedroom wearing her linens and grabbing the first pair of shoes on her floor.

Here's what frustrates us most about this moment: The metallic rose maxi could be incredibly hot on the Barbadian beauty if not for the massive cut and terrible footwear choice. Silk sheet aside, the color is gorgeous and the low-cut top is a great start.

With more tailoring around the bodice, the design could be killer. And frankly, anything but blue sneakers would improve it tenfold.

Or is RiRi trying to push a new trend? Bedroom on top, workout on the bottom? We don't know what kind of fashion mullet that is, but it's not working. 

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