As far as we can guess there are two explanations for Rihanna's latest look:

1. The "Stay" singer is doing the Walk of Shame (or Stride of Pride according to that smile) after a very sexy night.

2. There was a fire alarm evac at the Barbadian beauty's hotel room right in the middle of her nap.

Though we guess there's a world in which the answer is a combo of options one and two...

Bottom line: Rihanna is wearing a nightgown and sneakers.

We're not interested in any "sleepwear-inspired style" excuse. That pale pink, floor length, lace-topped dress is for sleep and sleep alone (well, and any events that precede sleep...). If it was short we might excuse the "Diamonds" crooner for wearing a slip dress. If it was in a jersey or cotton fabric, it could be considered a maxi. But as it stands there is no valid explanation.

Oh and regarding those Converse, they're officially the most sane part of the entire ensemble. 

Tune-in to an all new Fashion Police this Friday at 9/8c on E!

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