It's Megan Fox and Nick Cannon versus Jimmy Fallon and Wiz Khalifa!

The celebrities played a few rounds of Pictionary on The Tonight Show Wednesday. Fox, who was up first, was tasked with drawing a "frog in your throat." With 30 seconds on the clock, she tried to illustrate the phrase—but time ran out. "We almost got there," Cannon assured her. "That's OK."

"The frog's face looked more like a human than the human face," Fallon joked.

When it was the host's turn to draw a "puppeteer," Khalifa got the answer with 13 seconds to spare.

Fallon jumped up and down with glee, while a confused Cannon asked, "How the hell did you get puppeteer from that?" The America's Got Talent host then told his opponents, "You guys are cheating!"

Cannon got the chance to redeem himself when he illustrated the phrase "get off your high horse." Like his teammate, he ran out of time while trying to draw a horse. To Fox's credit, her guesses were close.

Khalifa was nervous to draw a "corn dog"—and rightfully so. He took a literal approach, drawing corn and a dog, but his efforts confused Fallon. "That is the scariest dog I've ever seen in my life," he laughed.

With the score 0-1 in Fallon and Khalifa's favor, the third round was crucial for Fox and Cannon.

The comic and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles went to their respective drawing boards, ready for their final challenge. They shared the same clue, which asked them to draw someone "taking a selfie."

To find out who won, watch the videos now!

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