Meet the Bunny Hunter, a Gun-Loving Barbie Look-Alike! Plus, Which Human Ken Is Getting His Own Doll?

Florida woman says looking like plastic toy is "just ONE of the weapons in my arsenal!"

By Rebecca Macatee Aug 05, 2014 8:24 PMTags

The Bunny Hunter is hot and packing heat!

This 32-year-old armed bombshell says she "may look like a Barbie doll, but that's just ONE of the weapons in my arsenal!" Bunny Hunter, as she describes herself on her website bio, is "a firearms enthusiast, self-defense advocate, and an outdoors lover"—and she's almost always carrying.

This "God-fearing, patriotic country girl" hails from the "Dirty South" of Florida, which she fondly refers to as "the Gunshine State." Through her YouTube channel and Instagram feed, the Bunny Hunter hopes to share her "love of all things wilderness" and "help restore this once proud land to that which was originally envisioned by our Founding Fathers."

The Bunny Hunter, who has been shooting since the age of 8, also wants to inspire more women to take up her hobby. "A lot of women are afraid of guns because they don't know anything about them," she tells the U.K.'s Sun. "So for them to see another girl who's efficient with firearms, who's teaching them how to use them, I think that that helps a lot."

She has a huge collection of guns, which reportedly includes an AK-47, a semi-automatic AR15, a Glock handgun and 357 revolver—just to name a few. The big-time Second Amendment supporter stresses, though, that it's "very important to keep up on training with weapons."

Remember: Guns are not toys.

If you are looking for something to play with, though you might look to a real-life Ken doll by the name of Celso Santebanes. According to the Daily Mail, the 20-year-old Brazilian model has spent £30,000 (approximately $50,633) on plastic surgery in an effort to look like Barbie's beau. It seems to have paid off, too, because next month he's reportedly flying to L.A. to launch the Celso Doll—created in his image!

"I never expected to have a toy myself," he said. "I dreamt of being a human puppet, but having one in my image was completely unexpected."

Well, as they say, life in plastic is fantastic.