Kelly Rowland Talks Pregnancy Style, Dishes on Her Food Cravings

We caught up with the singer and mommy-to-be

By Ruth O'Neill, Emily Popp Jul 31, 2014 5:35 PMTags
Kelly RowlandCourtesy: Caress

It's been a busy summer for mom-to-be Kelly Rowland!

Kelly is a Caress Fabulista, she's nominated for an MTV Music Award (for her song "Dirty Laundry"), not to mention she's pregnant with her first child!

Since Kelly is about to join fellow former Destiny's Child member Beyoncé as a member of the mommy club, E! News caught up exclusively with the 33-year-old singer to discuss her pregnancy style, her current beauty obsessions and favorite food cravings.

As for what maternity style she's been favoring, Kelly quipped, "Anything that allows me to breathe! It's hot outside, so you just want to allow your body and skin to breathe."

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When it comes to beauty must-haves, Kelly loves her favorite heavenly smelling products. "I bathe with Caress Juicy Escape shower gel in the morning after I finish my workout, then I use Emerald Rush at night so my sheets smell nice."

And now that she's pregnant, Kelly explained that she relies on shea butter more than ever. "I go to the bathroom at all hours of the day and put my shea butter all over my belly."

Kelly also was candid about all of her pregnancy cravings. Her biggest one? Sandwiches. "I love rye with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions—the works. I like to make it myself then cut it open and just look at it."

But when she's not staring into her homemade sandwiches, Kelly also loves to frequent Nobu. "My favorite thing to do right now is go to Nobu Malibu," she said. "At Nobu there is this salad, the cucumber salad. And the crab tempura in ponzu sauce. Oh my God!"