Zombie-Walk Accident


One pedestrian was struck by a moving vehicle Saturday night while participating in "Zombie Walk," an event held in celebration of Comic-Con.

San Diego police confirmed to E! News that a 64-year-old woman sustained arm injuries and was transported to a local hospital after a male driver ran her over. YouTube video also confirms the scary accident.

The driver, who was accompanied by his deaf family, was trying to leave the area when his children grew afraid of the large crowd. When he tried to move forward, several people surrounded the car and began punching the vehicle.

Several pedestrians later jumped on the vehicle leaving the car's windshield shattered.

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After the man struck the woman, the crowd immediately followed the car until it stopped for police. No arrests were made.

The organizers of "Zombie Walk" offered their condolences to the victim while thanking everyone for coming.

"Thank you to all our zombies," organizers said. "Press: We have no further comments at this time."

Comic-Con is an annual festival that brings more than 100,000 movie and TV fans together for a variety of panels, events and activities. "Zombie Walk," which is not officially affiliated with the festival, features hundreds of people dressed as the undead as they stagger down a busy San Diego street. 

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