Sandra Bullock, Chelsea Handler Instagram


Sandra Bullock is turning a fabulous 50 and she couldn't look happier about it.

Chelsea Handler posted a fun photo on Thursday of her smiling BFF with the caption, "Happiest birthday."

In the snapshot, Chelsea captured Sandra sharing a meal (and presumably a good inside joke) with her attorney-turned-pastry chef-sister Gesine Bullock-Prado, who is laughing hysterically with her famous sis. 

The lunch-and-laughs pic is a candid and beautiful start to the Gravity star's milestone birthday, but Chelsea and Sandra have shared much more together.

Sandra Bullock, Chelsea Handler


Friends for years, they also attend other famous birthday parties—and more importantly—they have seen each other in their birthday suits while sharing a shower.

The bosom buddies squared off "areola to areola" for a sketch to promote Chelsea Lately (you remember that one right? Of course, how could you forget?). Later, the two joked about their nude scene, with Chelsea teasing Sandra, "After we shot the shower scene, you became jealous of how large my pixilation was, isn't that right?"

Sandra retorted with a zinger on the disparity of their pixelated squares—quipping while gesturing to her chest—"There's less here than there is on her side."

But it's apparent from their friendship there are enough laughs to go around.

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