Sandra Bullock and Chelsea Handler Chat Getting Naked Together, "Areola to Areola!"—Watch Now

Oscar winner recalls her notorious, hilarious appearance on the show back in October 2012 in which both gals went toe-to-toe in nothing but their birthday suits

By Alexis L. Loinaz Jun 25, 2013 11:46 AMTags

Sandra Bullock clearly needed to get something off her chest.

On Monday night's Chelsea Lately, the Oscar winner swung by to talk shop with host Chelsea Handler about their notorious, hilarious sketch that aired back in October 2012, in which both gals went toe-to-toe—or, more accurately, boob-to-boob—in nothing but their birthday suits.

"I know that you like to do movies with other women and that you like to be nude with other women," the host ribbed The Heat actress, to which Bullock responded: "Well, actually, there's only been one other woman I've been nude with."

"What's her name?" Chelsea asked?

"It's your name," the 48-year-old star deadpanned.

Apparently, a few mea culpas were in order: According to Chelsea, it was Bullock who suggested doing the nude romp.

"That's right, I suggested we be naked together in a very vulnerable position with about 30 [crew] members that I didn't know any of, nor did I know you at the time," Bullock playfully quipped.

Chelsea's retort? "That was how we first met: areola to areola!"

(In the sidesplitting clip, Bullock gave Chelsea a dressing-down about "pulling her s--t" together after moving into her fancy new studio and insisted the host stop calling herself "the white Oprah." Zing!)

Bullock also recalled how she became envious of certain, shall we say, inequities that arose during the shoot.


"After we shot the shower scene, you became jealous of how large my pixilation was, isn't that right?" Chelsea taunted her guest.

"There's less here," Bullock cracked, gesturing to her chest, "than there is on her side," referring to Chelsea's endowments.

"They just covered up my areolas," the actress lamented, adding that the pixelation was "like one square!"

Hey Sandy, don't despair. Sometimes it's hip to be square.

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