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"Will Team America lose a member tonight?" the Chenbot asked, and we scoffed.

If the houseguests vote Donny out tonight, we will literally eat our foot (or we will delete this sentence from this recap when the show's over). We felt bad for Cody, who only did what he did because Frankie and Derrick were telling him to, and we felt bad for Donny, who was suspicious that people actually wanted him out of the house.

After a chat with his new BFF Brittany, Caleb presented his theory that Donny should actually go home to the remaining Bomb Squad, since he could be a threat to the alliance. Derrick agreed that if they decided Donny should go home, Donny would go home, but will the Bomb Squad (who aren't really the Bomb Squad anymore, but Caleb doesn't know that) listen to Caleb after ousting him from their alliance? We're gonna guess (and hope!) they won't.

Next up, we saw Frankie get the news of his grandfather's death, and it was kind of heartbreaking, but it was a beautiful moment when the entire house gathered in a group hug after listening to Frankie's impressions of what his grandfather probably sounded like as he watched Frankie on the show.

Julie revealed that this week's Have Nots are four laziest house guests: Nicole, Caleb, Christine, and Derrick. 

Next up, a discussion of Hayden and Nicole's showmance, with help from Nicole's family and residents of her tiny hometown. There was even a proposal, and despite many clips of Nicole somewhat rejecting Hayden, the montage ended with the two kissing in bed, which was about as good as it was going to get on prime time TV.

Then it was time for the vote. Brittany seemed to know she was gone, because no one was going to vote to evict Donny. It was quickly official – even Caleb voted to evict Brittany, and we learned that not even Brittany can look classy carrying a duffel bag across the Big Brother stage.

Had anyone else forgotten that Brittany had kids? We're not surprised that they're totally adorable, and we're pretty sure they're all ok that their mom was evicted from the Big Brother house.

The Head of Household competition had houseguests competing to identify weird country songs as being about an HoH, BoB, or PoV competition. It was silly and the songs were positively ridiculous, but it was a pretty effective game.

It was clear that Derrick allowed Frankie to win, so he could hear more from his family after his grandfather's death. Zach won the other spot against Christine, meaning that Zankie is back together in the HoH room.

Julie announced that the next Team America mission involves getting two other houseguests to have an argument at either a nomination or veto meeting, which sounds entertaining. We like the direction these missions are heading in! 

So what did you think? Did the right houseguest go home? Who do you think will go home next week? Could you not help but get tears in your eyes when Frankie found out about his grandfather? Let us know in the comments!  

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