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Comic Con has barely started and we're already exhausted, so a night of reality television is exactly what the TV doctor ordered to help us rest up for the insanity ahead. Tonight, a liar showed off her singing skills on a dancing show, and a bunch of adults found out who won the World Cup nearly two weeks after it happened, and we've got unnecessarily extensive recaps of it all for your enjoyment. 

So You Think You Can Dance: Thanks to tonight's episode of "So You Want To Feel Really Bad About Yourself and Your Body," we realized that we've never wanted to wear anything more than we want to wear Tanisha's leather body suit and bright red boots. Would we look good in it? No. Does that change how much we want to wear it? Not at all. That outfit, along with that smooth hip hop routine, made it look like she was made of liquid leather. Rudy might have also been involved in that dance but we guarantee you no one was looking at him (except for Jacque, perhaps).

We were also quite partial to Bridget and Emilio's empty bed frame dance, choreographed by Travis Wall. Has there ever been a Travis Wall routine we didn't love? Probably, but we don't remember it. 

On the other hand, has there ever been a Dmitry Chaplin dance that we did like? He said Marcquet was supposed to be a high-powered businessman, like Nigel Lythgoe, and then made the dance all sexy, which clearly weirded Jessica out a bit. Nigel called Dmitry out on poor choreography, which didn't do Jessica and Marcquet any favors. Marcquet made Nigel "uncomfortable," and Jessica hasn't yet lived up to her fabulous contemporary routine in the top 20 episode.

While the judges deliberated, Pretty Little Liars' Lucy Hale performed "Lie a Little Better" on the same stage where she once performed on American Juniors, way back in 2003, and then it was time to say goodbye to two more contestants. The bottom six, including Bridget, Marcquet, Brooklyn, Serge, Tanisha, and Zack, took the stage, and the judges announced that Marcquet and Brooklyn would be going home.  

Big Brother


Big Brother: Tonight's Power of Veto competition was probably our favorite of the season so far, not just because of the competition itself, but because of the "prizes" that accompanied it.

The BBCup, as it was officially called, had contestants use giant pairs of legs to kick soccer balls into a large goal, which was sectioned off with different point values. Whoever had the lowest number of points in each round was eliminated, and got to claim a prize, one of which was the Power of Veto. Each subsequently eliminated contestant got to steal that prize, though some of them can't really be considered "prizes."  

While Zach won a trip to Germany (for him and his girlfriend, who doesn't yet seem to exist) and there was a cool five grand up for grabs, there were also some not so nice options. Cody, who landed in sixth place, ended up with Penalty Kicks, which meant that whenever a whistle blew, he would have to use a weird leg machine to kick himself in the butt 10 times. Brittany momentarily had the Power of Veto, but it was stolen by Nicole (much to Brittany's dismay), and then by Victoria (much to Brittany's even bigger dismay) as she won second place.

Caleb won the game, but instead of taking the Power of Veto to save Brittany (as Brittany thought he would do) or to not save anyone (as his alliance thought he would do), he took Nicole's $5,000, leaving Victoria with the ability to save herself from the block (are you sick of parentheses yet?). 

Nicole had to wear a wear a silly German costume complete with a giant sausage and Brittany had to kick a ball into a goal 2,400 times in 24 hours, or she wouldn't be able to participate in the next Veto competition. Cody's punishment, as he slowly lost his mind and started to hallucinate, was fun, but Brittany's punishment was just painful to watch. She did manage to do it, but will it all be in vain when she probably goes home tomorrow night? (Probably.)

While all Cody wanted to do was put Caleb on the block, his alliance advised him to put up Donny to ensure that Brittany would go home, because she's apparently a threat to everyone, and Caleb is just a threat to Cody. Donny basically told him to follow his heart, because Donny is like the Grandmother Willow of the Big Brother house.

After being convinced that putting Caleb up is just feeding his own ego, Cody replaced Victoria with Donny, and we will be shocked if he even receives a single vote tomorrow night, meaning Brittany is all but already gone.

Side note: We can't decide if Victoria is our favorite or our least favorite. She and her "I'll show them!" attitude seem to think she's in some sort of war with the other house guests, when she was really just someone to put on the block besides Brittany, but it's sort of entertaining to watch her quietly play her own little game while everyone else sort of forgets about her. She intrigues us.  

So what did you watch tonight? Did the right dancer go home on So You Think You Can Dance? What did you think of Lucy Hale's performance? Do you think Brittany has any chance of saving herself on Big Brother, or do you think it's much more likely that Donny will just win the whole game? Sound off in the comments!

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