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Space ghosts! Human dice! Dancing! Tonight's TV had it all and more as Extant dove head-first into whatever is going on with the future of space travel, SYTYCD sent two more dancers home, and Big Brother got another step closer to getting rid of Devin once and for all. Read on to find out how it all went down, and remember not to leave your robot children unattended. 

Extant: The romps with sexy space ghosts continued this week as Molly got a little more info on her dead/not dead astronaut friend (but not the one whose baby she's probably pregnant with), Harmin.  According to Sam the doctor, Harmin's brain showed the same abnormalities that Molly's does, and Molly really hoped that those abnormalities caused her to have a hysterical pregnancy. Unfortunately, that theory went out the window with an ultrasound, which showed a growing fetus that probably was not a ghost.

Later, Molly tried to do some research on Harmin, which was helped by him just showing up and taking her to his secret house to explain himself. Basically, he went through the same thing she did on his own solo mission: the power went out, and a ghost showed up, except instead of being a former lover, it was his dead mother, whom he sent flying out of the airlock, like the good son he is. Molly thinks the abnormalities are responsible for the ghost visions, and Harmin thinks they're the result of the experiments the ISEA is doing. Our personal theory? Aliens. Duh. 

So You Think You Can Dance, Top 18 Contestants

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SYTYCD: We actually kind of miss having separate elimination and performance episodes, because it just seems cruel to up the nerves for six of the dancers by telling them they're in the bottom six before they even perform. Tonight it was Emilio, Teddy, Stanley, Bridget, Emily, and Jourdan.

The first pair out of the gate were Jacque and Zack, with Jacque giggling about a crush on Rudy. Their intricate hip hop routine, set to Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" and choreographed by Keoni and Mari, was immediately our new favorite thing, and it stayed that way through the whole two hours, though there were a few other performances we loved, too. Emilio and Bridget's jive was pretty perfect, and Emily and Teddy's contemporary was beautiful and very French.

At the end of the show, Emilio, Teddy, Emily, and Bridget were all safe, meaning that Jourdan and Stanley have been eliminated. These two didn't particularly stand out to us, and their performance tonight was only so-so, so we weren't super broken up about it. 

Big Brother: Caleb has officially headed into "nice guy" territory. He was fuming that Amber still wasn't in love with him, despite all he's done for her (even though she outright asked him not to throw the Battle of the Block competition), and furious that she was becoming good friends with Cody, who is now apparently his new target. 

The Vegas-themed veto competiton, hosted by Cody in a coat and tails, involved Caleb, HoH Derrick, Christine, Devin, and Donny (who was standing in for the sick Jocasta) competing two at a time by rolling around in a giant die to land on whatever number the wheel determined.

Christine boldly challenged Devin, and lost. Derrick also challenged Devin, and lost again. Donny (who is great at puzzles and also most things) challenged Devin one more time, and finally beat him, eliminating Devin from the veto competition. The rest of the houseguests screamed and cheered like they had just won World War III. Donny easily beat the number-and-pattern challenged Caleb, winning the power of veto.

Donny announced that he was going to save Jocasta, and she burst into tears and blubbered about how she's always giving and now she gets to receive. It was a little dramatic. Clearly, Jocasta had no idea that literally no one intended to send her home this week.

Derrick –surprise, surprise – nominated Devin for the open spot on the block, meaning that if all goes as expected tomorrow night, Devin is just about gone. However, we'd be perfectly happy to see Caleb go home as well, if only to save Amber from having to deal with him and his weird knee socks and all his stupid whining. 

So what did you think? Do you think Devin is definitely going home tomorrow night? Did the right dancers go home? Are you still into Extant? Let us know in the comments!

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