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It's Pretty Little Liars night, meaning you know the drama's basically off the chain. However, The Real Housewives of New York got in on the action tonight with a true OMG moment that we're still scratching our heads about, and The Night Shift ended its first season with a super emotional hour. All that and more as we look back on the night's biggest TV moments! 

Pretty Little Liars: Everybody in Rosewood is positively shocked that A is back, except for us, because duh. Mona and her groupies weren't even a thing this week (other than Paige naming names to Emily) as it was all about the return of everyone's favorite hoodie-clad letter doing what he/she does best: sending threatening text messages and taking advantage of idiots wearing scarves in towns filled with constant murder.

Ali was determined to get out of town, and Hanna was fully willing to help her do it in order to get her old/new life back, since her current one has been falling apart ever since Ali (and Caleb) returned. Travis even broke up with her, saying he liked her too much to be ok with her being distracted by Caleb. Emily was obviously quite unhappy when she realized what Hanna was doing, and managed to get to Ali's house just as A was strangling Ali with her own scarf. 

A got away, and Ali later received a text telling her she'll be killed if she tries to leave town again. A was last seen leaving flowers and a note of condolences for the family of Bethany Young.

And speaking of the Radley runaway found in Ali's grave, while Spencer went to Radley and the internet to get some info, Ezra and Aria went through his book research to try and find answers. All they found, however, was a picture, drawn by Bethany of Mrs. D being chased by a monster. Security footage showed that it was Radley orderly Eddie who left it, leading Aria to get a job at the slightly creepy mental hospital.

And finally, there's a detective asking everybody (particularly Ezra and Ali) questions about Shana, who apparently had gun residue on her sweatshirt when she died, and no one is doing a very good job of not sounding very, very guilty.

Side note: Hanna should ask Caleb what happened in Ravenswood in every single episode from now on, until it turns out that everyone on Pretty Little Liars is actually dead and being haunted by their own ghosts or something. 

Real Housewives of New York: Ain't no party like a New York Housewives party, right? Dang. At Carole's Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil birthday party, LuAnn announced to her friends that she and Jacques are over, while Harry gave Sonja a promise ring (right after they just got a dog together, and after a psychic told Sonja to watch out for a "brunette devil"). Then, all of a sudden, Harry and LuAnn left together in a cab. Huh? What? Help! 

The Night Shift, Eoin Macken

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The Night Shift: Well Topher's alive, but that was one tough night in the hospital. At Ragosa's orders, Jordan ended up having to attempt lifesaving surgery on Topher's shooter, Milo, after being held hostage. Milo didn't survive, putting Jordan in some hot water that she did not deserve. Topher survived his surgery, but was then urinating blood, which is definitely not a good sign, but it ultimately saved his life. 

TC dealt with the brunt of his PTSD after feeling responsible for his brother's death in Afghanistan, and it was heartbreaking. His brother had died after TC had hesitated to take out a sniper, since the sniper was a 12 year old child.  Jordan didn't hesitate to comfort him, which didn't bode well for her relationship with Scott, which also doesn't bode well for our opinions of Scott. 

The season ended with the team and Ragosa learning that he has a tumor behind his eye, which will have to be addressed when the show returns next summer. 

Finding Carter: Are you on Elizabeth or Carter's side? We genuinely don't know who is acting more unreasonable, though we understand where they're both coming from. The mom Carter loved has been labeled a criminal, and replaced with a woman who's been shaped by years of resentment and the loss of a child. Carter is rebelling and cozying up to criminals with names like "Crash," and Elizabeth is trying to instill some discipline and manipulate her long lost daughter's love life to her own liking. At least Carter's antics led to some lovely father-daughter bonding tonight (even though we know David's actually kinda shady), with Lori watching ominously from across the street. 

So what did you watch tonight? Are you as confused about LuAnn and Harry as we are? Who do you think A is? Does it even matter anymore? Should people stop wearing scarves in case of attempted murder? What did you have for dinner tonight? Discuss in the comments!

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