Airport security is often the bane of our existence. We wait in line, have to remove ridiculous amounts of clothing and pack our liquids into little quart-sized bags. However, TSA does keep us safe and they're total pros at catching inanimate objects that are actually weapons (according to their Instagram page).

The TSA's page posts reminders of what is and isn't acceptable to take with you while you fly, while also throwing some shade at some apparently stupid people who attempt to board planes with this kind of stuff in their possession.

And upon reviewing their Instagram feed, we have so many questions. Like...

Are people these days STILL trying to smuggle guns through security?!

How many objects can you POSSIBLY turn into a knife?

Did you really think you'd get away with this?!

Are. You. Serious.

It's like you didn't even try.

It's absolutely shocking you thought they'd let you on an aircraft like this.

And WHAT is our obsession with swords here??

They're just large knives, you idiot.

Don't you dare bring Scooby Doo into this.

It is mind-blowing what people think they can get away with. Thanks, TSA, for keeping us safe as well as entertained. As our mothers say: We may get annoyed with you sometimes, but that doesn't mean we don't love you.


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