Yes, you are pissed off because Tatiana Maslany got snubbed by the Emmys again and Parks and Recreation didn't get nominated for Best Comedy Series. We're all angry. But look! It's a video of an adorable dog doing an adorable thing! That's gotta help out, right?

Jack is a black lab that often goes hunting with his owner, Rick. But in this case, Jack wasn't doing the hunting. He was doing the rescuing. A baby bird somehow got stranded in a lake and would have surely drowned if Jack hadn't swam all the way out there gently carried it in his mouth back to his owner. Is the dog's last name Bauer? 24 jokes, people! Don't see that every day!

According to Rick, after the rescue he was able to put the baby bird back in its nest with his siblings and he watched the mother fly back to take care of them. Three days later, all the birds are still in the nest and thriving.

"I hunt with my dog but it was really cool to see that he knew the difference between a bird in distress and a bird that he is hunting," he wrote.

Jack the Dog and Baby Bird, a new animated film from Disney coming to a theater near you in 2018.

(H/T LaughingSquid)

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