Who Is the Hottest Player in the World Cup? Check Out Your Final Two and Vote for the Winner!

It's Chile's Mauricio Pinilla vs. France's Olivier Giroud for the title of Hottest Football Player in the World Cup

By John Boone Jun 27, 2014 6:10 PMTags
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(For a closer look at the bracket and each pairing, click here for a zoomed in version.)

It all comes down to this: The final round of the World Cup. Well, the final round of our World Cup tournament to pick the hottest player. The actual games go until July 13 (YES, there are still two more weeks of this).

So, which footballers made it to the finals? Mauricio Pinilla and Olivier Giroud.

In the interest of conducting the fairest tournament possible, lest there be any contention of the winner or an asterisk next to the title of Hottest World Cup Player 2014, below are but a small sampling of photos of both Pinilla and Giroud, so you can make your most informed choice. 

Mauricio Pinilla of Team Chile:

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Olivier Giroud of Team France:

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The choice is yours. Vote wisely. Polls will close at 9:00 a.m. PST Monday morning.

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World Cup's Hottest Player: The Finals

Who's hotter: Chile or France?
Mauricio Pinilla (Chile)
Olivier Giroud (France)

Keep voting through the weekend and come back Monday to find out who won!