Unofficial World Cup Commentator Rihanna Is Rooting for Everyone Except Team USA

The pop star has been dubbed the "World Cup's Greatest Twitter Troll"

By John Boone Jun 27, 2014 12:02 AMTags
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Rihanna is enjoying the World Cup this year. Or, from what we can gather from Rihanna's tweets—when she's not telling someone to shut their c--t up—she seems to be enjoying the World Cup. She watches all of the games, sometimes more than one game at once...

This is true. We can verify this because she livetweets every game. She tweets things like:


And obviously:

RiRi, or The Instagrammer Formerly Known as BadGalRiRi, supports many of the teams:

She has tweeted her support for Germany:

And Ghana:

And Portugal (mostly for Cristiano Ronaldo):

(That last one was after Portugal scored a devastating goal that tied them with the U.S.)

If you are at all savvy to the soccer world (or World, as the case may be) you'll notice that those last three tweets were all members of the Group of Death, which also includes Team USA. If she is rooting for Germany, Ghana, and Portugal, does that mean she's just rooting for anyone who isn't the U.S.?

Before this morning's big game, she tweeted:

So, yep!

If that wasn't clear enough, she tweeted after Germany's game-winning goal:

Damn, Ri, you mad?

Before anyone starts boycotting any concerts or burning any CDs (because #Merica), it's worth pointing out that Rihanna was not born in the States. She was born in Barbados, a country with no skin in the game. But—if only because she lives here now—you have to wonder why she's trolling Team USA? Maybe Kyle Beckerman sold her bad weed once? (Just kidding, white dudes with dreads only look like weed dealers).

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