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Look who's still havin' a little fun—and looking damn good while doing so—after all these years.

"Inventors of the #selfie at it again. #ThelmaAndLouise," Susan Sarandon tweeted Thursday alongside dual photos of her posing for a selfie with cinematic BFF Geena Davis.

On top, a pic from the 1991 film where they shot that now-iconic Polaroid picture, Louise in her signature driving scarf and cat-eye sunglasses and Thelma's red curls flying, that ended up playing a pivotal part in the movie.

And on the bottom, a more recent shot of the actresses, still looking pretty fabulous 23 years after their fateful road trip, which scored each a Best Actress Oscar nomination.

Thelma & Louise


Let's just say, if Brad Pitt and his abs were still hitchhiking to this day, he wouldn't mind either of them picking him up.

Davis, now 58, was already an Oscar winner (Best Supporting Actress, The Accidental Tourist) by the time she tore it up as Thelma, while Sarandon, 67, had her big night five years after she let loose as Louise (Best Actress, Dead Man Walking).

The pair snapped their new pic during the cover shoot for The Hollywood Reporter's 100 Favorite Films issue, a testament to the punch that Thelma & Louise still packs to this day.

"It was us against all these guys," Sarandon shared a memory from the set when she and Davis reunited for a chat with MovieLine in June 2011 for the movie's 20th anniversary. "You know, Ridley [Scott] is an iconic director, and they would follow him off a cliff, no...yeah."

No pun intended. We get it.

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