The Rover, Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce

The Rover

Robert Pattinson doesn't really mind when directors ask him to shave his head.

He had to get rid of his signature locks for his latest film The Rover. "It's like the skin on the back of your neck, it's nice," Pattinson said while promoting the drama with his costar Guy Pearce and their director David Michôd. "I always loved that feeling when you shave your head and you go in the shower for the first time. It's one of the most incredible experiences."

"We talked a lot about the haircut," Michôd said, adding, "It says a lot about you that you could make that horrific haircut actually look kind of cool."

And it definitely came in handy making the movie because it was shot in the deadly heat of the Australian desert.

The Rover, Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce

The Rover

"It's amazing what a difference a couple of degrees could make," Michôd said. "When were were out there the week before we were shooting…it was about 125 degrees."

Yes, 125 degrees!

"It was scary," Michôd said. "We knew we couldn't shoot in that but as soon as it drops down to 113, everything was fine."

In The Rover, a gritty and intense drama that takes place in a post-Apocalyptic world in a location never actually identified in the movie, Pattinson plays an injured young man who is enlisted by an ex-soldier (Pearce) to help him find his stolen car.

His super-short hair wasn't the only thing that Pattinson loved about making the film.

"You don't have to be looking over your shoulder all the time," Pattinson told me about the mostly paparazzi-free locale. "It was really really great.

"I like to do weird things in between takes to really get into it," he continued. "Normally I'd be hiding in a corner somewhere."

The Rover hits theaters nationwide on Friday, June 20.

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