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It's a good night to be a USA fan! Both Suits and Graceland are back, and we couldn't be happier. Plus, So You Think You Can Dance brought us some new dance styles, and The 100 closed out its first season with some literal bangs and a cliffhanger that made us go "Whaaaaaat?" We're feeling pretty full after tonight's generous helping of summer television, so come along with us as we reminisce about how great it all was. Spoilers ahead! 

The 100: What a finale! Most of the Ark finally managed to land, though Chancellor Jaha had to stay behind and sacrifice himself in order to launch the ship manually. While we didn't see him die, it's hard to imagine that he'll survive. The kids, meanwhile, finally made it to Mount Weather, but not in the way they expected to all the way back when they first landed on Earth. After a battle that killed most of the Grounders and possibly Finn and Bellamy, and injured Octavia, Clarke and the other survivors were kidnapped by Mountain Men and found themselves quarantined in the mountain military base. Raven also may or may not be dead due to the bullet in her spine, so essentially everyone's fate is up in the air and we're left cursing into the abyss for summer hiatuses. 

Suits, Gina Torres, Gabriel Macht

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Suits: Of course, while our spring shows are going away, that means our summer shows are just beginning! Things are a bit different at Pearson-Specter now that Mike is working elsewhere as an investment banker. He's also one of Harvey's clients, which adds some awkwardness to their relationship. Harvey ends up in a tough position when Logan Sanders, another client, wants to buy out the same business that Mike is after, and after Mike puts the firm on probation, Harvey ends up having to work with the other client. Meanwhile, the firm isn't quite off the hook from its problems last season, and Eric Woodall has hired an SEC investigator to get some dirt. Unfortunately for him, his hired investigator is Jessica's new man friend, Jeff Malone, who sees an opportunity to try and get himself a job at the firm instead, putting Jessica in a bit of a sticky situation. Finally, the name of Rachel's married former lover is revealed, and of course, it's Logan Sanders, also known as the guy the firm is now working for. 

Graceland: It's like Friends plus undercover agents, and it's back for season 2! Mike has come back from Washington for a "vacation" at Graceland after being summoned by Briggs due to the fact that the cartel has a hit on one of Mike's undercover personas. Briggs and Mike plan to use the hit to lure in the cartel members so they can get to higher level members of the cartel, but the plan backfires a bit and Mike ends up captured and tortured with a plastic bag until Briggs luckily runs in and saves the day. Thanks to Charlie's tattoo knowledge, they realized that the guys who were after Mike were not who they thought they were, and he's got orders from Washington to investigate their apparent heroin smuggling operation. His team, fortunately, just so happens to also be his roommates. 

So You Think You Can Dance: Ah, dancing. It's our favorite thing to do, alone in the privacy of our own homes, where no one can see us fail miserably. We are continually impressed by the hordes of insane talent this show gives us every week, and this particular week was no different. We loved Johnny Waacks' precise performance to a Whitney Houston song, and we've got a thing for contradictory mashups, so Amir Sanders' "funky ballerina" routine was right up our alley. Plus, thanks to that slow krumper, we've got a new dance style to try by ourselves tonight. Maybe we'll be up on that stage next season. Or not. You never know! 

Who was your favorite dancer tonight? What else did you watch? What shows are apparently flying under our radar? Head down to the comments and let us know! 

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