This Is What Your Favorite Disney Characters Would Look Like If They All Went to College Together

DeviantART artist Hyung86 imagined backgrounds and storylines for Pixar and Disney characters attending the same college

By Jenna Mullins Jun 12, 2014 6:30 PMTags
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First your favorite Disney and Pixar characters went to high school, so the next logical step is college! Unless these characters don't want to experience the crushing debt that comes from student loans, in which case they might be skipping four more years of education.

But when you're a princess, do you really have to worry about student loans?  

Anyway, DevianART artist Hyung86 has taken Disney and Pixar characters and reimagined them as college students all attending what is essentially one big Disney University. So not only are they all grown up and living in the modern day, but they all exist in the same universe.

"[I] try to make Disney/Pixar characters in young and stylish concepts, some kind of 'students,'" he writes on his DevianART page.

He even gives them all backstories, romantic storylines and hobbies at the college. Like Belle from Beauty and the Beast (pictured above), he labels her as a "nerd" but "lovely." And whose letterman's jacket is she wearing? You'll find out once you get to scrolling.

Here are just some of the Disney princes, princesses and supporting roles that he's made into college kids, along with the storylines and personality traits he's given them:

Elsa and Anna, Frozen:

"The two sisters are one of the most popular girls [at] the university. Elsa has left her past behind and finally she's studying what she wants: Architecture. She has started dating a guy a little bit...cold. His last name is Frost! Anna is fearless, playful and optimistic. She is always looking for new adventures with her boyfriend, Kristoff. She wants to be preschool teacher."

Jasmine, Aladdin:

"Aladdin's girlfriend. She loves to dance and practices new steps with Mulan every weekend. She is studying politics and social sciences despite [the fact] that she hates the teacher of this subject...Jafar! She loves cats (big and small) and would like to travel around the world."

Adam/The Beast, Beauty and the Beast:

"The quarterback of the football team. He's egocentric, cocky and rude but thanks to one girl, [he's] changing all that."

Ariel, The Little Mermaid:

"The shy, new girl in the school. Ariel is in the swimming club at the university and always waiting for her surfer, Eric."

Aladdin, Aladdin:

"Aladdin practices dance with Esmeralda in the college gym. He is part of a breakdancing group and loves dance battles. He also practices parkour and his favorite video game is The Prince of Persia."

Merida, Brave:

"Merida is studying Anglo-Saxon history. She loves Celtic music and her favorites artists are Enya and Loreena McKennitt. She is part of the archery club."

And of course, no school is complete without a teaching staff, which is where most of the Disney villains ended up.

Ursula, The Little Mermaid:

"Ursula is the teacher of the university choir. When she was young she failed in show business and that is why she hates all the [young, promising students] of the choir. Sadistic, power-hungry, manipulative and ambitious, Ursula only thinks of herself."

But for every evil professor, there is a sweet, kind teacher at Disney U.

Tiana, The Princess and the Frog:

"Tiana was born in New Orleans and she started working very young to pay for [college]. She is on the faculty of the [Culinary Arts program] and she would love to have her own restaurant. She's always experimenting in the kitchen and writes everything in her Kermit notebook of recipes. She loves to hear soul and jazz and likes retro clothes."

And finally, even though some Disney movies don't have human characters, it doesn't mean they should be left out of a college experience. For example: Bambi (shown below), who just happens to be a totally hot dude. Who knew?!

"Bambi recently entered the university. He loves nature, books, cinema and he's studying to be a veterinarian. He is a fan of Game of Thrones, True Detective and Studio Ghibli films. When out of class, he goes with Kenai and Pocahontas to the animal shelter."

To see more Disney: The College Years, as we are now calling it, check out his DevianART page to see Flynn Ryder (Tangled), Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Megara (Hercules) and more! Also, if Disney: The College Years were an actual TV show, we'd watch the hell out of it.