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If you're going to get a Disney tattoo, get a Disney tattoo. Don't just get a little outline of Mickey, or a tiny Tinker Bell tramp stamp (unless that's what you want, in which case, who are we to judge? Your body, your choice). If you're going to get a Disney tattoo, go big or go home.

This is a Disney tattoo. It's on the chest of Mark Barela and done by Matthew Tillman.

The tattoo first made Buzzfeed's list of "25 Disney Villain Tattoos To Die For." We might not die for it, but we would trade our voice for it, no questions asked. Ursula is obviously the best villain, it's only right to honor her on your body forever.

It doesn't appear to be Mark's only Disney tattoo either...

You know how if you get a KFC tattoo, you get free lifetime supply of KFC (that's a hypothetical scenario based on this guy who got a tattoo of a KFC Double Downwe assume he got at least a free chicken sandwich out of the deal)? Mark should get free Disney trips for life. Or at least lunch at Club 33.

We wonder what he thought of Frozen. Olaf would look awesome in a sleeve...

(H/T io9)

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