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WARNING: We're about to recap the biggest moments from Mad Men's season finale. If you do not wish to be spoiled, go outside and stare at the moon. For everyone else, grab a glass of your favorite adult beverage and read on!

That's one small step for Don, and one giant leap for Sterling, Cooper and Partners.

The first half of Mad Men's final season is officially over, and Sunday night's finale was jam-packed with shocking twists, turn, and over-the-moon moments. From a heartbreaking death, to a lucrative new deal, and the end of a fan-favorite romance, we're taking a look at the biggest moments from Mad Men's midseason finale, "Waterloo."

First up, let's check in with Don and Megan. After a tumultuous season of back and forth break-ups and make-ups, Megan officially called their marriage off. Don promised to financially take care of his distant Hollywood honey for as long as she needed, saying, "Whatever you need. I owe you that." To which Megan quietly responded into the phone, "You don't owe me anything. Goodbye, Don." Who else is sad to see Don all alone again?

And while one relationship crumbled, another blossomed. Sally Draper, who was looking all-kinds of grown up in tonight's final hour, decided to take full advantage of the new male houseguests staying in the Francis home. One of Betty's college pals came for a visit, and she brought her dapper sons with her as well. Although it looked like Sally had eyes for the older brother, she ended up planting a big kiss on the younger one after gazing at the stars with him. We're happy for you girl, but please take that boy's advice—smoking gives you cancer!

As for SC&P? It was quite the tear jerking evening due to the fact that Burt Cooper, our favorite shoe-hating partner, passed away. Just minuets after watching the iconic 1969 moon-landing—and rewarding Neil Armstrong with an impressed, "Bravo!" from his living room couch—Burt passed on. 

Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men


Although the partners were devastated, particularly Roger, they were soon presented with yet another company-changing opportunity. After a heated discussion, all of the partners (except for Harry, because he waited too long to take the deal!) agreed to let McCann-Erickson buy a 51 percent share in SC&P. This means that not only will each of the partners become filthy, stinking rich, but Don also has a firm place back with the company.

Peggy also had an impressively successful accomplishment in Sunday's final hour. After Don threw her a curve ball, and decided that she would be the one to present their pitch to Burger Chef, Peggy knocked it out of the park and secured their business.

In the episode's final moments, Don had a very vivid daydream that might top Mad Men's most bizarre moments. He saw a very-much-alive Burt, sans shoes, singing "The Best Things In Life Are Free," while a parade of secretaries danced alongside him. 

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