Jennifer Aniston


Here's some hard-to-believe news for you: Jennifer Aniston has bad hair days.

It's true! The actress admitted that even though she may be known for her perfectly pin-straight hair, getting it to look that way isn't so easy.

While visiting her new hair product store, Living Proof, in Boston this weekend, she sported a sleek bob, debuting a darker shade of brown. And even though Jennifer has some pretty famous tresses, she explained that they can be problematic.

"The thing that makes me chuckle is when I hear that my hair is so this, or so that," she told The Boston Globe. "My hair is always at odds with a brush and a hair dryer. To get my hair straight can be a struggle."

OK, so apparently Jennifer has bad hair days just like everyone else? But we'd say it's pretty hard to tell.

Jennifer has gone to the same hairstylist, Chris McMillan, for years now. And she's also recently gone back and forth with her hair extensions, sometimes sporting longer locks and other times wearing her bob haircut. We like both styles on Jennifer, but we have to say we like it when she goes natural with the bob—it suits her.

And even though Jennifer revealed that her hair can be a struggle, we'd take her problematic tresses any day of the week!

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