Shia LaBeouf Struts Matchy-Matchy Neon Workout Gear—but Did He Burn His Famous Brown Pants?!

Actor returns to social media and tweets a photo of a pair of pants on fire

By Bruna Nessif May 09, 2014 2:24 AMTags
Shia LaBeouf AnthonyTaafe/Coleman-Rayner

So Shia LaBeouf does own something other than a pair brown skinny pants.

The actor stepped out for a private gym session in Hollywood earlier today, and while his biceps deserve some attention (hello!), Shia's workout outfit was the main attraction. Showing off his talent with color coordination, LaBeouf wore aqua blue high socks with matching shorts, a neon green tank and colorful Nikes.

The 27-year-old, who was holding a jump rope in the photo, has always been about his fitness (including boxing!).

Shia recently made his return to Twitter after a long hiatus from social media.

After posting "Out of Office" business cards in April, LaBeouf finally resurfaced with a cryptic message. Alongside a black and white photograph of a pair of pants caught on fire while on a grill (gosh, we hope its not the brown skinny pants!), Shia writes, "FLAME: - hot glowing body of ignited gas - to post vitriolic ELECTRONIC messages - to burst forth with strong EMOTION."

What does that even mean? Who knows. But it's totally Shia-esque.