Shia LaBeouf Only Owns One Pair of Pants—Here's Proof!

Actor has been wearing the same bottoms for months on end

By Lily Harrison Apr 17, 2014 9:40 PMTags
Shia LaBeouf, Brown PantsAKM-GSI

Shia LaBeouf is in a committed relationship…with his pants.

The former Transformers star (and "not famous" actor) has been spotted sporting the same pair of cropped trousers on an almost daily basis recently.

We're not hating on the fact that the 27-year-old is recycling a favorite article of clothing, because we get that, but this is some next level, deep-rooted obsession type of stuff right here.

LaBeouf first debuted the brown bottoms back in 2012—and they looked a lot darker back then, too! Ew, gross, moving on.

Whether he's in cold or warm weather, in his hometown of Los Angeles or across the world filming his next controversial indie flick, leaving the gym covered in sweat or going on a dinner date with his leading lady Mia Goth, the pants are on.

Sure, some may say that they're versatile or that the former child actor is getting his use out of them. But we say it's just plain overkill (not to mention a much larger hygienic issue, which we'll leave off the table for now).

They say the clothes make the man, so what do these worn-in, overused pants say about LaBeouf? You tell us.