Before Zac Efron got all raunchy in his new comedy, Neighbors, there was That Awkward Moment.

The movie starred Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan as three friends who promise to stay single after one gets dumped by his wife.

Mr. Efron helped the cast—including Imogen Poots, who plays Efron's love interest—get to know each other by planning a getaway to the country.

"Zac very generously and kindly organized a sort of bonding trip," Potts says, adding, "We spent like a few days just hanging out and that was really lovely."

Zac Efron, That Awkward Moment

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The movie's writer and director, Tom Gromican, said, "It was really really helpful and when we got to [New York City], outside of shooting, the guys were all living together, they were hanging out together, they were going everywhere and the girls would come with us. We'd have these big dinners like you do in New York and that translated onscreen."

We're going to assume they didn't try Viagra together, too.

While Teller wasn't able join Efron's trip to the country, it didn't keep him from getting to know his co-stars pretty well.

"He's really good at combining weird food elements from the deli and making them into delicious sandwiches," Teller said of Jordan. "He gave me a bagel with bacon, cream cheese and jelly. It's so good."

That Awkward Moment is available on Blue-ray, DVD and digital on Tuesday, May 13.

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