Shailene Woodley

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

We promise, the following five green beauty tips are ones you haven't heard a million times before. Why? Well, we went to the queen of quirky, a true believer in all natural everything: Shailene Woodley.

The Divergent star is well-known for her nature-loving ways—She uses clay to detox, she makes her own toothpaste, believes in DIY medicines and shampoos once a month—so we know she'd have some unconventional wisdom when it came to grooming. Here's what she had to share:

1. The Brush Off: "Use soap sparingly. Try a dry brush instead and in moments you're feeling really dirty, use natural, simple ingredient soap. Nothing artificial."

2. Mr. Sun: "Be smart about sunshine but small doses of natural vitamin D everyday help not only my skin but my overall heath. Internally and externally."

3. Grease is the Word: "I love using oil rather than soap to remove my makeup. My favorite is Living Libations' Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever."

4. One with Nature: "Walk barefoot in a park. Hug a tree. This always helps me get out of my mind and when I'm out of my mind my natural glow is allowed to reveal itself."

5. Love Thyself: "You do you, baby! That's the number one beauty secret of all time," says Shailene. "Don't Compare. Leave it all behind. Compare leads to despair. Love yourself. All of your ticks, quirks and bizarre smirks. Love it all. Embrace it. The moment we allow our minds to forget about ourselves physical, self-love can rule. And with self-love comes a glow that no product on earth can create!"

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