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On Monday night's TV menu? Murder! Not only did The Following kill off a fan favorite who has been with the show since the very beginning, but Bones revealed its Ghost Killer and Castle hosted a time-warp murder mystery. Plus, The Voice's first live show of the season had a big technical hiccup and The Blacklist dropped yet another major cliffhanger on us. Warning, spoilers for Monday's shows ahead!

The Following RIP, Emma...and maybe Mike Weston?! That was crazy, you guys, and we're kind of upset about it. After Emma confirmed that Claire was alive and tracked her down, the two had an epic fight that ended with Claire stabbing Emma, Emma falling out of the window, and then being stabbed again with a splinter of wood. She died on the ground, and the twins showed up just in time to get a hold of Claire. Meanwhile, Joe had taken control of a church conveniently filled with hostages, and just as Joe had his gun pointed right at Mike's head, the screen went black and a a shot was heard, and that was the end. They wouldn't kill Mike, would they? That was someone else's gun that went off, right? RIGHT, INTERNET?

CASTLE Well, that was some groovy fun! After workers at a construction site found a pile of bones that appeared to have been there since the '70s, Castle deduced that they belonged to mafia don Vince Bianchi, who went missing in 1978. Their investigation leads them to Bianchi's best friend, Harold, who has been convinced that it's still the '70s ever since Vince went missing. In order to get Harold to cooperate, Castle enlisted Martha to revamp the entire precinct into a 1978 time capsule, complete with a whole lot of magnificent mustaches. At first, it seemed like Bianchi had been offed by a rival mafia family, but as it turned out, his death was ordered by the girl he was supposed to marry to cover up his love affair with Harold! And, of course, the episode ended, like all good episodes do, with the whole gang meeting up for a night of drinking and disco dancing as we get one step closer to the Caskett wedding.  

Definitely the best thing about the ep? Hearing Nathan Fillion be called "Captain" again, as he always should be. (Firefly 4eva!)

The Blacklist, Megan Boone, Ryan Eggold

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The Blacklist: You tell him, Lizzie! With Tom captured and tied up, she finally got the chance to confront him about the double life he's been leading. All he could say in response to her accusation that he's stolen two years of her life was that he was doing his job. It took Liz forever to get around to asking what exactly his job was, but didn't really matter as he wasn't talking. 

All Tom did say, before he took off after making Lizzie handcuff herself to the bannister, was that Red was not who she thought he was. He gave directions to a safety deposit box that apparently contained the truth about Red, so of course, the episode ended on Liz's face as she stared at whatever was in that box...that we have to wait a week to find out about. Darn you, cliffhangers! You get us every time. 

Bones: It's not often that an episode starts with the serial killer ending up dead, but that's exactly what happened tonight, when Stephanie McNamara turned out to not only be the episode's victim, but also the Ghost Killer we've been searching for all these months, and she was murdered by the professor who had been convicted of killing her first victim twenty years ago. Talk about a twist! 

The Voice: Season six kicked off its live shows with some technical difficulties and some gorgeous performances from the top twelve! We were particularly partial to Christina Grimmie's rendition of Katy Perry's "Dark Horse," and Josh Kaufman singing Sam Smith's "Stay With Me, but we also have to give props to Kristen Merlin, whose performance of Sugarland's "Stay"  was interrupted by a broken mic. Ah, the joys of live television!

What did you watch on Monday night? Sound off in the comments!

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