Sriracha Hot Sauce

You know that bottle (or bottles) of Sriracha in your fridge? Better cherish it, because we might be headed toward a serious Sriracha problem.

Sriracha's factory is located in Irwindale, Calif., and on Wednesday night the city voted unanimously to declare the operation a public nuisance. Why? Because the air pollution and smog (also known as Los Angeles' standard weather) was bothering residents surrounding the factory. Personally, we would be honored to live in an area that constantly smells like Sriracha. Hell, if it starts raining hot sauce over there, we are relocating.

So what does this mean for Sriracha fans? Don't panic (yet). Huy Fong Foods, the company behind the delicious Asian hot sauce, has until June 1st to solve the problem before the public nuisance order interrupts their production. And according to the air quality inspectors, a new carbon filtration system is all the factory needs.

Phew! We thought we were losing that liquid red gold that we put on basically everything. However, if we are facing a shortage, here are our top five hot sauce replacements for Sriracha:

Frank's Red Hot Sauce

1. Frank's RedHot: If you're from the Midwest of you've ever been to the Midwest, then you know all about Frank's. It's amazing on buffalo wings (or anything that can be consumed, really). Some folks might find it too weak for their taste buds, though.

Tabasco Original Hot Sauce

2. Tabasco Original: There is a reason this OG has been around since 1868. But if you're not into a lot of vinegar in your hot sauce, then stay away from this one.

Tapatio Hot Sauce

3. Tapatio: The topping of choice for West Coasters, and our personal favorite for any egg dish. However, it's not our favorite Mexican-style hot sauce. That honor belongs to...

Cholula Hot Sauce

4. Cholula: It's got a wooden topper and Pequin peppers, which are at least five times hotter than jalapeños. If you like to feel that sweet, sweet burn on your tongue while you scarf down your food, then this is the one for you.

Louisiana Hot Sauce Original

5. Louisiana Hot Sauce Original: Its slogan is "one drop does it," but we respectfully disagree. If you like your hot sauce of the Cajun persuasion (new band name, dibs!), then you'll want to look into this Louisiana original.

What's your favorite hot sauce? And what do you put it on? We will accept the answer: "everything."

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