In this little boy's defense, we've never truly considered how close the phrases "f--k you" and "thank you" can sound sometimes.

No one knows this better than Reddit user BennyTheBuff, who recently posted a clip of his son while chronicling the little one's attempt to say "thank you." 

Sounds innocent enough, right? Well, the only problem is the toddler simply cannot pronounce the phrase and instead keeps dropping F-bombs as he repeatedly attempts to enunciate.

And yes, it's even cuter than you could imagine (it should go without saying that this video includes language which may be offensive to some).

F bomb, Baby


In the clip, the little boy's father asks him to give his toy frog a kiss before telling him to say "thank you." 

Hilarity then ensues as the toddler continues to say "f--k you" while his dad tries to contain his laughter.

Talk about trumping the "a--hole" scene from Meet the Fockers with just one simple home video.

In related viral video news, this little boy was asked to name every bad word he knows and proceeded to list off a number of naughty phrases including, "Buttcrack. Buttnight. Buttnose. Buttface. Butthead. Buttcrack" before dropping the most adorable S-bomb we've ever heard.

Parenting in 2014, folks.

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