Remember the little boy who was asked to list every bad word he knew on video (and hilariously dropped an S-bomb in the making of the clip)? Well, turns out, he's not alone!

Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, that is. The funnyman apparently drew inspiration from the viral video, which made waves on the Internet earlier this week, and opted to perform the same experiment for a segment which aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night, sending a camera crew to the streets of Hollywood Boulevard while asking a few innocent young ones to say ever bad word he or she knew.

And no surprise, the results are hilarious.

In the segment appropriately titled, "Do You Know Any Naughty Words?" a number of adorable kiddos are asked to name, well, naughty words, which, naturally, aren't so shocking considering they are seemingly between the ages 3 to 7.

Naughty Words, Kids, Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel

Beware, the following clip is totally safe for work (well, mostly).

"Um, stupid, hush...and shut up," one little girl defiantly shares. 

"Dumb," another tot says with no sign of any parental supervision (what have you done, Kimmel?!).

"Stupid, poop, you're ugly," an adorable little boy admits.

Naughty Words, Kids, Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel

"Um I know ass, I know bitch," another boy says, sounding all too proper.

But finally, one little man decides to go for the gold.

"Um, I don't know any naughty words," he says, before being coaxed by the camera man and shouting, "F--k!"

Talk about 21st century swearing, folks!

Watch the clip to see the full segment.

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