24 is back, baby!

And more importantly, for Chloe fans, so is Mary Lynn Rajskub. Though you might not recognize her.

In Fox's highly anticipated, limited event series 24: Live Another Day—premiering May 5—four years have passed since we last saw Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and his fearless crew (namely: Chloe O'Brian) and apparently, a lot has changed for the formerly nerdtastic tech girl.

She's goth. She's a fugitive. And she is not playing by the rules.

"She's had it with all the government secrets and trying to do the right thing all the time," teases Rajskub—whose own son apparently didn't totally recognize her at first with the new look!

It is so working for her.

Check out the exclusive video above to see the new "gothed-out" Chloe—so badass!—and see what she's up to in the long-awaited new installment of 24! (There's even scoop from executive producers Howard Gordon and Manny Coto—and Mary Lynn Rajskub herself.)

24 Poster


We are so totally head over heels for this new Chloe, we just circled May 5 on our calendars in the fattest Sharpie known to man. Then we threw a little under our eyes, as a show of Chloe solidarity, and might go hotwire a car for good measure. This should end well.

The two hour event of 24: Live Another Day premieres on Mon., May 5 at 8/9 p.m. central on Fox.

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