Ugly Sandals

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Ugly sandals. We admit, the name alone doesn't sound entirely appealing. But there may just be something to this trend after all.

We don't know how or when it happened, but futuristic Birkenstocks are starting to fall under the category of being "so ugly it's cool." We were shocked too. The look was all over the runway this season, playing a pivotal part in both Prada and Miu Miu's 2014 collections.

So we have to ask: Are women starting to replace style with comfort? While we are struggling to support the idea of being seen in public with what looks to be a pair of orthopedic flip-flops, here are the four sandals that we would stick our feet in this season.

The Fabulist, Ugly shoes

Jeffrey Campbell has been known to push the limits with shoe design. I mean, come on—the man created the "no heel high heels!" This style of sandal, however, is definitely a change in direction from the looks that he has done in the past.

The reason we are "fabbing" this shoe is due to the multicolored three-ankle straps. It's a fun way to incorporate some additional colors while still keeping it basic with neutral tones.

Also, Campbell creatively included a two-inch platform within the sole of the shoe. Let's be honest—a little extra height never hurt anyone! 

The Fabulist, Ugly shoes

When Zara gets behind a fashion trend, you know it's created some buzz. This leather crossover sandal is bold to say the least, but the gold plated detailing ups the glam factor.

When matched accordingly, these shoes could be worn for a night out—but we would wear also them as a jazzy shoe to complete a bathing suit cover-up.

We're also fans of the small cutout in the sole, making this platform sandal that much more interesting. As if it had any problem standing out on its own!

The Fabulist, Ugly shoes

Flatform. It is a word that isn't used nearly enough. This shoe by TOPSHOP is able to incorporate two of the trends on this week's episode—ugly footwear and The Fabulist trend of the week: Iridescent Fabrics!

The silver coloring brings out a metallic pop that is an extremely popular trend in footwear right now, and we have to admit that we are actually loving it. If you're looking for a great way to try this look but don't want to kill your feet, the Fang Double Buckle is your winner!

The Fabulist, Ugly shoes

Who doesn't love a good '80s throwback?! We were huge fans of the jellies when we were kids, so of course we get a little nostalgic when we see that they are coming back into fashion in a big way!

Here ASOS brought us back our youth with a gladiator edge and fun pink coloring. These shoes make us want to play Hopscotch, chase an ice cream truck and listen to Ace of Base at the park. Too much? Okay...

What do you think of "ugly sandals?!" Fab them or leave them? Show us on Instagram! #Fabulist and we will be picking our favorite shots throughout the week!

Keep watching The Fabulist every Monday night at 8:30/7:30c for the latest in all of the trends that you need to know!

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