Miranda Kerr

Courtesy Escada

There's simply no stopping Miranda Kerr!

The gorgeous model has been racking up plenty of gigs lately including a sexy Reebok commercial, an H&M campaign, Clear Hair care and more, and now she's adding Escada's new fragrance "Joyful" to the list, too.

The stunning beauty is a perfect fit for the feminine fall scent, adding a youthful radiance to the famous fashion label.

"I remember playing with my mother's perfumes. She had quite a collection. On her dresser she had all the different perfumes. It was her thing. I didn't really get my own perfume until I was older, maybe in my teens [but I] remember using rose oils and sandalwood oil — mixing those two together," she recalled in an interview with People Style Watch

"I liked that balance of the fresh flowers with something that's very grounding. I think that's a nice mix of freshness and strength."

In one campaign image, she playfully poses with props emblazoned with the designer fragrance in one scene, wearing a simple black blazer to keep the focus on the messaging. 

In another shot, she wears a cheerful red velour dress and holds fresh flowers in a range of pretty pink shades.

And for the fragrance fanatics out there, you'll be interested to know that Miranda doesn't dabble with too many varieties in her personal life.

"I like to keep it consistent. If I like a fragrance it just kind of becomes my signature. These days, if you find something that works, you might as well go with it."

This one's totally working for you, Miranda. 

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