Are you unsure of what's going on in Enrique Iglesia's private life? That's because he makes it that way.

The Spanish-American singer is known to shy away from the spotlight from time to time because he values his privacy so much, and it's very clear how little of that stars get once they hit the big time.

But Iglesia's knew that was going to happen sooner or later when he chose this career path. "I think it comes with the territory," he tells E! News. "I understand why people ask, 'Are you married? Do you have a girlfriend? Do you have kids? Do you have kids that we don't know about?' "

(For the record, he tells us he does not have any kids we don't know about.)

Regardles of being super private, Iglesias does open up from time to time about his personal relationships—specifically, his current romance with Anna Kournikova and explaining his recent statements regarding whether or not the duo will be heading down the aisle anytime soon (or ever).

"You made news because you said that you don't want to get married," Natalie Morales said during an interview with Iglesias on CBS Sunday Morning.

"It's not, I didn't say that I don't want to get married. I don't know if I maybe came out the wrong way," the 38-year-old singer explained. "What I said is that, 'We are extremely happy the way we are.' I'm not against marriage by any means."

He continued, "I have not ruled it out, but if you're happy, I don't think it will really make a difference," adding, "She's the coolest girl in the world."

So why does Enrique feel like staying private is necessary? Watch the clip and find out!

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