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If you're itching to see tonight's premiere of The Fabulist (and you totally should be!), we've got a little treat that should tie you over for the next couple of hours. We chatted with the new E! show's hosts Kristin Cavallari and Orly Shani and got them to spill on everything on their own personal hot or not lists. From favorite 2014 award show looks to most hated fashion trends of the moment (ahem, jackets as capes!), here's what the duo dished:

Elie Saab, Spring-Summer 2014, Paris Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton

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What was your favorite collection from fashion week?
I actually loved Louis Vuitton (left). I loved that its '70s inspired, '70s is one of my favorite, favorite eras so just the cute dresses and colors and the prints and everything were a ton of fun. It's typically not one of my favorites so I was surprised by that.

Orly: My favorite was Elie Saab (right). I'm generally obsessed with Elie Saab anyway because it always starts off with ready-to-wear clothing and then it goes into gorgeous gowns but there was something this year where there was a beautiful ombre tones that went from like a merlot color into a black and beige and gray and black and I just loved the colors it was really deep and moody and sexy and just the way everything fits. There's always some sex appeal with a high slit or a low back or lots of cut outs or sheer details.

What fragrance do you have on right now?
I've been wearing the same perfume since I was 16: Michael by Michael Kors.

O: My answer is basically the same. I've been wearing the same one since high school. It's like the cheesiest, it's called Pink Sugar by Aqua Lina. I used to buy it at Sephora but they don't even sell it anymore and every time I wear people always compliment me and I always have the desire to lie and say its some cheap brand I bought in France. Its like 20 bucks. I buy it online now, there's like a million places that sell it so I buy it online but it smells so good! Don't judge me you guys!

Jaimie Alexander

John Shearer/Invision/AP, Jennifer Cooper/E!

What fashion trend do you wish would end immediately and never come back?
Have you guys seen the dresses that are completely sheer on the side and go all the way down? I just don't think they're flattering and I just think it's a little too much. So I would be happy if I never saw one of those ever again.

O: I am really passionate about this answer. I want it to go away! People wearing jackets as capes. I just cannot! It's the most pretentious of all of the trends, I feel like. And people stand there with their arms like glued to their sides and not disrupt the delicate balance like the jacket cape. Ugh!

What is your all-time favorite lipstick color?
K: I'm just a nude girl. Any color nude. But I remember like in high school and maybe a year or two ago I used to wear one from MAC and I think its called See-Through. That was like my all time favorite for years and years.

O: Do you remember in high school, I really hope I'm not alone in this, when you would outline your lips in pink eyeliner and frosty pink? Thank God I never did that! My all-time favorite is similar, like a pinky nude lip gloss I believe it's a L'Oreal Color Riche and its #120 and called Rich Pink and I have to buy it online.

Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari

What hairstyle do you regret most?
I made the mistake of dying my hair black in high school because I thought it wasn't permanent but it was like a black dye on blond hair, and it was permanent. And then I had to strip my hair and it was dark brown for a while and it took me a year and a half to finally get it back to blonde so that's like a year and a half I hated.

O: Mine is super awkward, when I was in fourth grade maybe my mom cut my sister's, both of our hair, to look like Demi Moore in Ghost. You guys, what's worse about it is that I continued to get that haircut for like four years. I looked like a boy!

Kate Hudson, Oscars 2014

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What was your favorite red carpet look from the 2014 awards season?
My favorite was Kate Hudson at the Oscars, I thought she looked amazing, she's one of my fashion icons anyways, she came out, nailed it.

O: My favorite was also Kate Hudson. I loved it so much because no one was talking about her, we were doing all the Oscars coverage and stuff and recycling the same names over and over but who we were excited to see and no one even mentioned Kate Hudson, and then she came in and I just thought she really stole the show. That gown she showed how to wear like a deep V perfectly, not a lot of cleavage, looked so beautiful down the front and it fit her impeccably and had a little metallic sheen to it and that was my absolute favorite.

Kristin Cavallari, Orly Shani

Jennifer Cooper, E!

What is your favorite look that you've worn recently?
I think my favorite was what I wore to Countdown to E! at the Oscars which was the white McQueen dress which was the first time I've ever wore McQueen so that was the best.

O: My favorite also was what I did for the E! Countdown, I've never worn a gown quite like that it was all beaded and super super heavy and I had these custom ear cuffs made that just to me when I normally have like something I'm looking forward to I have all these ideas and they never come together the way that I want it to and this was one of those rare times I felt like everything came together like I wanted so that was definitely my favorite. The designer for the dress was Lorena Sarbu and the ear cuff was Jenny Dayco. I pulled some inspiration photos and in 24 hours she made it! It arrived the morning of, that was really cool.

Blake Lively, Sienna Miller

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Who are your hair idols? Or who gives you hair envy?
Mine is really random but it's Sienna Miller—only because she is always so effortless and she always looks amazing even when she's pushing her baby in a stroller and its up in a little bun. I love that or also love it on a red carpet I think its no fuss and always looks perfect.

O: I have two this week. I would say Blake Lively I love how it's wild and tamed like prior to sex hair but now I also want to include Jared Leto. I love it so much and I'm a big ombre fan. I want the perfect sort of wave and its really shiny. I just died at the Oscars.

What was the last beauty product you bought?
I actually just bought yesterday, two YSL lipsticks. Vanilla Nude and then Spanish Pink, and I like putting them together.

O: I just bought, thanks to Dr. Oz's collagen pills. You guys, they're gonna change my life. Apparently, they really do boost the collagen production. I feel like such a fool but that's the most recent thing I bought. I'll keep you posted if they work.

And what's the last fashion item…?
I have bought anything only because I think its silly to spend money when you're pregnant. But the last thing I may recieved was a Celine bag I got for my birthday.

O: The last thing I bought were super super cheesy high heels, like with a high platform like stripper heels because my gown was so long at the Oscars and I needed height plus you won't see the shoes anyways so it was okay.

Kardashian, Instagram, Greece


Where would you like to travel next?
I actually really want to go to Spain. When I heard things about it. I went to Greece a few years ago maybe, that's my favorite place in the entire world, so I want to go back and take Jay [Cutler], I went with a bunch of friends so I want to take my hubby. Mykonos, I want to go to Santorini too. It's insane how beautiful it is, I'm in love.

O: Maybe I can be Kristin's third wheel to Greece. You me and Jay that's fine, right? I wish that I had a better reason for it, but its really because it looks so awesome. I want so badly for a new reason, but it just that family trip made it look so beautiful and I was like awe I really really want to go to Greece. So maybe Kristin, Jennifer Lawrence, me and Jay.

K: Jay with three girls, I love it.

What's on your 2014 bucket list?
2014 for me is about make The Fabulist as great as it can be, I have a lot of fun doing that. And bringin another healthy baby boy in this big crazy world.

O: I'm so excited for the opportunity of The Fabulist and I want to do everything and to make sure that's it's a huge success you know for Kristin and I and E! and I feel so honored to be a part of it, so that's really important to me. 

Watch The Fabulist premiere on Monday, March 17 at 8:30/7:30c on E!

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