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"Gossip Girl and Glee just merging together."

Talk about a winning combination! Fans have been (impatiently) waiting for months to celebrate the Glee's 100th episode, and now the moment is (almost) here. On Tuesday night, the original members of the New Directions will reunite in a star-studded, two-part event that is guaranteed to bring you toe-tapping, nostalgia-filled fun.

In addition to the returning castmembers, former Upper East Sider Chace Crawford will also make a memorable WMHS appearance as Biff McIntosh, Quinn's new (Dianna Agron) overly preppy boyfriend at Yale. To get you even more excited for Biff's douche-tastic debut, we snagged an exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peek starring our former head Cheerio and Gossip guy, as they try to explain Quinn and Biff's "sugar-coated" relationship.

"I haven't spent that much time around them, but poor people are generally less attractive than rich ones," Biff proudly observes in Tuesday night's episode. Oh, boy. Ladies and gentlemen, we have finally found a Glee character that makes Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) look like an angel from heaven!

Echoing our thoughts, Crawford does not speak highly of Biff's haughty personality, describing him as an "über-preppy kid" from a North East private school who is both "quite obnoxious" and a "jerk."

And in a classic Quinn twist, Miss Fabray has failed to mention anything that could be deemed imperfect about her own checkered past. Biff knows nothing about Quinn's teen-pregnancy scandal, her brief battle with paralysis (remember that?!) or her rebellious Ryan Seacrest tramp-stamp tattoo. "He knows nothing about her real life because she has kind of sugar-coated everything," Agron explains.

Take a look at the full featurette above to see a conniving Santana attempt to humiliate Quinn in front of Biff, by listing off her all the skeletons in the head Cheerio's closet. Remember when she set the purple piano on fire?!

Glee's two-part 100th episode celebration begins Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Fox.

What do you think of Quinn and Biff's relationship? What are you most excited to see Glee's 100th episode? Sing your thoughts in the comments below!

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