Jen Selter, Vanity Fair

Ruven Afanador exclusively for Vanity Fair

Remember when we did a story about the girl with one of the most Instagrammed butts ever, also known as Jen Selter? Well, if you don't know about her, go read our post about Jen, and then come back. We'll wait.

Welcome back! She's got quite the booty, right? Well kids, sometimes Instagramming the crap out of yourself can lead to a spread in a well-known magazine. So just go ahead and drop out of school because your path to success should be more like this one!*

Anyway, Jen had made "belfies" (butt selfies) a thing, and that thing has led to being featured in Vanity Fair. And according to their write-up around her photos, which obviously feature her incredibly toned body and larger-than-life behind, Jen wants to inspire the masses with her Instagram account.

"When fans recognize her #seltering—posing for her iPhone with a leg raised and buttocks in full focus—on park benches and subway stairways, they tell her she's inspired them to go to the gym that day," the article reads. "And for that, it's all worth it. Along with the knowledge that she has sent one more young woman to the treadmill, she's also raking in sponsorships, free gear, and, most importantly, followers by the thousands."

Jen Selter


So are you feeling inspired? Truthfully, we do think we should work out more. But no amount of spin classes, lunges and/or squat thrusts will give us an ass like hers. However, looking at photos like that does make us think twice before reaching for yet another chocolate-covered potato chip. Yeah, those things are real and they are delicious. And now we want 20 of them.

What were we talking about? Oh, that's right. Jen Selter and her "belfies." Check out the behind-the-scenes video of her photoshoot below, and head to Vanity Fair's website to see more pics of Jen:

*Do not drop out of school. Stay in school and learn stuff, because that will be more helpful to your life and career than a social media site. For the most part.

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