As many of you know by now, we don't particularly enjoy all of Vine's hijinx. We don't like the smack camming. We don't like gallon smashing. We don't like doing it for the Vine. We do like this Vine.

We would go so far as to say we love that one particular Vine.

But there's a new Vine meme sweeping the Internet: Whaling. Everyone is whaling. White girls are whaling. Black people are whaling. Babies are whaling. Grandmas are whaling.

It's like a breaching humpback whale! So majestic! But instead it's a human who has a Vine account, so it looks a lot stupider. And they're doing it in public. In public spaces. With other people around.

Here is whaling:

At least it's not hurting anyone. Yet.

(H/T Daily Dot)

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