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Former Bachelorette Trista Sutter knows a thing or two about The Bachelor and, like the millions of other women in America, she wasn't exactly happy with what she saw go down during the controversial finale last night

"Confused, baffled, unsettled, disturbed," were the words the 41-year-old beauty used to describe the finale while chatting with E! News and promoting her partnership with Viva Vantage.

The reactions were primarily negative as viewers watched polarizing Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis present winner Nikki Ferrell with a rose—not an engagement ring—and while Sutter says it's OK if the single dad didn't feel ready to pop the question, she was not comfortable with the manner in which he expressed himself.

"I'm all for honesty, I'm not all for brutal honesty," she told E! News. "When he said ‘I am 100 percent certain that I don't want to propose to you.' I'm like, ‘Who wants to hear that?!'" 

The Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, Nikki Ferrell

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Truth, girl.

When asked if she thinks Nikki and Juan Pablo will last, the eternal optimist said the pediatric nurse "really needs to have a heart to heart with her herself," to find out if this relationship is worth it and confessed that "the percentages are very low."

And like many others who tuned into the After the Rose ceremony, she also felt that there seemed to be a "disconnect" between the couple, whose romance also felt "incredibly one-sided."

However, Sutter also admitted that Nikki's expectations for Juan Pablo may have been a bit too high, although that was no excuse for Spanish stud's behavior. 

The Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, Clare Crawley

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"She can't expect that she's gonna have him say I love you," the former reality star explained. "I mean it is a short period of time. You can't expect that, you can hope for it, but you can't expect it, but I do think that he said what he said in such a disrespectful way."

"In being honest, you don't always have to focus on the negative," she said before adding, "I did think he was a bit disrespectful and a bit narcissistic last night."

Sutter, who previously said she supported having a gay Bachelor or Bachlorette, was also asked about Juan Pablo's other headline-making controversy—his use of the R-word—and her reaction was priceless, considering she had no idea.

"He did not! Ugghhhh. Oh no, oh no, oh no," she replied with distaste before sharing her opinion on Juan's latest ill choice of words. "I think as I said before it's just about being kind. And realizing that you need to choose your words wisely, whether it's in a relationship or someone in the public eye. You need to always be respectful of all different types and walks of people. Period. I hope he learns that! I thought that he had learned that after the comments about a gay Bachelor or a Bachelorette, but I don't think that's the case. I hope he continues to learn."

THE BACHELOR, The Women Tell All, Juan Pablo Galavais

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And while he definitely has some growing to do in his personal life, he certainly won't be doing so in front of ABC's cameras considering we could all sense Chris Harrison's distaste for the man who's been dubbed by many as the "worst Bachelor ever."

"You shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you," Sutter said, agreeing with Catherine Giudice's comment from last night, although she noted that JP's privacy should be respected. "And you should always be grateful and he seems a little ungrateful." 

"When you sign up, you can't fight [the process]," she continued. "You need to fully give in to the process in order to fully reap the benefits or else don't sign up."

As for whether Juan Pablo was committed to the experience?

THE BACHELOR, Juan Pablo Galavis

ABC/Craig Sjodin

"I think that Chris is the one to know. He was in it with him and if Chris thinks he wasn't committed then I fully back him," she said. "He's there, he's knows." 

So is he really the worst Bachelor ever?

"I think that they have different reasons why they say worst bachelor. I just am a little disappointed in the lack of compassion and the obvious disrespect for the women of the show," she says before seemingly getting a bit emotional. "As a mom and someone who feels maternal towards the other women of the series that's where my disappointment comes from...I just wish he would have treated them better."  

Safe to say the feeling is mutual.

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