Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, True Detective


True Detective's first season is over, so move aside Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. 'Scuse us, Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey. But anyway, you guys were awesome and you'll probably both get Emmy nods, but it's time we start thinking about season two.

Well, what do you know? The Internet has been thinking about season two pretty much since the moment it was revealed that Matty and Woods (that's what we call them), would only star in season one and that this would be an anthology series with new stories and new castmembers each year, à la American Horror Story.

So Twitter went ahead and did the casting for the two leads in season two of True Detective for you, HBO. So now all you have to worry about is HBO Go crashing during finales: 

Ben Affleck can take a break from Batman for a couple months, right?

Sorry, Mose, aka Michael Schur. You will be too busy making our favorite comedy, Parks and Recreation, to be a part of True Detective. Oh, and your other show got renewed, too. So, yeah. You'll be too busy.

"Oh Hai, crime scenes."

If Kevin James is in season two, chances are Adam Sandler will be in there somewhere as well.

We approve of this casting so, so hard.

We'd actually prefer a sitcom starring Thor and Loki trying to make it in the big city.

Can we get the Olsen twins circa 1994? If so, we're in.

Never forget: This photo exists.

As long as Johnny brings back the tiny shorts, we'll watch these two solve crimes...of fashion!

The soundtrack for season two would be so killer, right?

Is Jared partnering with his giant pants? That's the only scenario we'd be on board with.

Yes to this, but only if they wear those suits. Otherwise this is just a ridiculous notion.

And now our personal favorite:

They would class that show up so quick, it will have to change its name to True Class Acts

Any dream castings for season two? What did you think of the finale? How many hate tweets did you send to HBO Go?

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