Once Upon a Time finally gave us the highly anticipated debut of the Wicked Witch of the West...and it was so worth the wait! Plus, The Good Wife turned up the heat in tonight's jam-packed hour, Revenge added another branch to the Grayson family three. And we've got all the best moments fromThe Walking DeadGirls and more! But be warned… There are spoilers ahead!

The Good WifeWhat better way to welcome back The Good Wife than with a steamy Cary and Kalinda sex scene? That's right, after all this time we final got to see the duo in between the sheets and it was pretty much the hottest thing we've ever seen. (And so made up for their off-screen hookup last season.) Especially when they both admit they can't trust each other. 
And things aren't looking good for Will now that the Office of Public Integrity has the tape of the tampered ballot boxes from the election…because Marilyn turned it over. Hey, her loyalty is to ethics, not the Governor. After refusing to cooperate, Will ended the episode being subpoenaed. Yikes.

Girls: RIP, Adam and Hannah' twisted and beautiful relationship. Come on, we all knew they weren't going to make it to the end of the season still together, but their breakup still sucked. After Hannah was concerned about Adam spending so much time at work and their lackluster sex life, she turned to role-playing. But Adam is not the same guy (or "angry sociopath") we met in season one, revealing, "we fell in love and then I just wanted to have sex with just you as us…just be sweet or whatever." Adam then decided to move in with Ray to just focus on his play and "avoid all this drama." So while it wasn't an actual breakup, it was a separation at the very least.

True Detective: Did you miss tonight's action-packed finale of the smash HBO hit? Grab a Lonestar beer and head on over to our True Detective recap, to find out if Marty and Rust survived their intense battle with the spaghetti monster killer!

Once Upon a Time


Once Upon a Time: We've been warning you for months that wicked is coming, and now, Rebecca Mader, aka our favorite green temptress, has finally made her Once Upon a Time debut! In tonight's mid-season premiere, Hook finally convinced Emma to take a potion that would trigger her memory, after sending her to Neal's NYC apartment. There, our blonde beauty found Henry's camera filled with Storybook adventures that she knew nothing about.

After breaking up with her almost fiancé (who, fun-fact, was actually a flying monkey this whole time) Emma grabbed Hook, her fave red jacket and a false-memory-filled Henry and traveled back to Stroybrooke to save her parents from a whole new curse. Not only did this new curse bring all of our favorite fairytale characters back to Storybrooke, it also wiped their memories of their past year in the Enchanted Forest. How do we know it was a year? Because of Snow's big belly, that's why! Surprise, Snowing fans: we've got a royal new prince or princess on the way!

And as for the Wicked Witch of the West: She managed to get some of Regina's blood from one of her minions (we mean flying monkeys!) and now she has everything she needs to get her revenge. Whatever that may be….

The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead: Tonight's episode was a disappointing one, to say the least. No only did we spend the entire hour with some of our least favorite characters, we did not have any reunions or series-changing epiphanies. In short, when "Alone" ended after 42 minutes of mundane walker-battling, Daryl, Beth, Maggie, Bob and Sashsa were exactly where they started at the beginning of the episode: disconnected from the other pods and tired of living in a zombie-filled world. However, at the very end of the hour, Daryl encountered a group of dangerous hooligans lead by a no-mercy badass named Joe. His opening line of the series? "Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?" Dear TV Gods, can you please give us some more action on TWD next week? Thanks. 

Shameless: Damnit, Fiona. Get your shiz together! Just as things were starting to get back to normal in the Gallagher household, Fi's house-arrest caused her to be a little bit stir-crazy so she threw back a couple drinks and nearly burnt the house down. Lip, tired of cleaning up all of his sister's messes, Took Debbie, Liam, and Carl, out of the house and away from Fiona's self-destructive behavior. V's mom gave birth, but and after a tear-filled realization, she and Kev decided to let mam V keep the baby. That family is in for some confusing Thanksgiving dinners!


Revenge Well done, Hamptonites! That was quite the intriguing hour: Patrick killed his skeevy father, Jimmy, while Victoria whispered the same disgusting words that he once said to her all those years ago, when he forced himself on her—"Relax, honey." They made it look like Jimmy fell from a ladder, but now Patrick isn't sure of he can handle the guilt that comes with killing a parent.

Emily, still suffering from major blackouts, tried (and failed) to seduce Aiden, and then rescued her former fiancé from Niko who was hell-bent on murderous Revenge. Nolan then pointed out something that gave us chills: Maybe Emily's blackouts are from her accident, maybe she's going crazy just like her mother did. Ruh-roh!

Over in the Grayson household, we met Conrad's ex-wife, Stevie, and discovered that when he bought their Hampton house with Victoria, he wasn't fully divorced from Stevie. That's right! Technically, Stevie is the queen of Grayson Manor, and she promptly kicked Victoria out on her sweet little butt. And for the biggest twist of the night: Stevie is… Jack's mother!

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