Jessica Alba and Her Brother Step Out as Dr. Seuss Characters

Do the Honest CEO and her bro make a crazy Thing 1 and Thing 2 redo?

By JJ Moore Mar 07, 2014 1:00 AMTags
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There's something kind of crazy about Jessica Alba and her brothers outside wear. It's not a Style 180 or a total celeb hot mess! They're more like colorful characters from our childhood books of yore. A bit of Thing 1, a smidge of Cindy Lou Who and something like the

We give up on the rhyme (and are now more impressed with the Green Eggs and Ham master than ever!), but we're sticking to the observation: the Sin City star and her sibling look like chorus kids from Seussical, the musical!

The real "problem" is that crazy striped coat, which only looks more cartoon-like because of the matching robin's egg pants. It's just the decision a wardrobe design for a children's fairy tale film would make. Joshua Alba doesn't look much more normal in his puffer jacket and wild pinstripe sweatpants. And the fact that both Albas are in matching style beanies, just makes them look more like characters in an alternative Who-niverse.

And so with that, we're forced to say, we do not like these looks today. We do not like them, no sir, no way.