Watch Amy Adams, Channing Tatum and More Do Tequila Shots on the Oscars Red Carpet!

Check out the hilarious video of stars having drinks

By Brett Malec Mar 04, 2014 6:24 PMTags

Now here's one way to get the party started on Oscars day!

Jimmy Kimmel Live's hilarious red carpet correspondent Guillermo hit the Academy Awards carpet on Sunday where he had beyond priceless interactions with some of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Amy Adams was quick to say hi to Guillermo on the carpet. Guillermo came prepared with a written acceptance speech for the American Hustle actress in case she won. Adams read from the speech, "I'd like to thank Guillermo. If he were here, I'd hug him and kiss his mustache."

Guillermo then offered Adams some "speech juice" in the form of a tequila shot to calm her nerves.

"You better not do to much speech juice with too many people," she said after gulping down the shot.

Guillermo went on to take tequila shots with a bevy of stars, including Michael Strahan, Maria Menounos, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Channing Tatum and Kristin Chenoweth.

Michael Fassbender made his way on by but not before getting in on the fun. "Where's the tequila?" Fassbender asked. "You want some?" Guillermo asked to which the actor responded, "Of course!"

The most hilarious interaction of the night came when Guillermo asked Sandra Bullock, "What would you do if there's no tomorrow?" Without missing a beat, she answered, "Take [my son] Louis to his dentist appointment."